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Photo of Georgia Attorney Eleanor Attwood

Eleanor Attwood
Partner at Legare, Attwood & Wolfe, LLC

ADDRESS: 125 Clairemont Avenue Suite 380 Decatur, Georgia 30030

PHONE: (470) 823-4000

WEBSITE: https://law-llc.com/attorney/eleanor-mixon-attwood/

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Photo of Georgia Attorney Sheri Bagheri

Sheri Bagheri
Founder/ Attorney at Sheri Bagheri Law, LLC

ADDRESS: Virtual/ Remote Law Firm Atlanta, Georgia 30309

WEBSITE: https://sheribagherilaw.com/

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Photo of Georgia Attorney Anita Bala

Anita Bala
Partner at Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP

ADDRESS: 600 Peachtree Street NE Suite 3900 Atlanta, Georgia 30308

WEBSITE: https://www.bbwmlaw.com/our-team/attorneys/anita-k-bala/

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Tracey Barbaree
Partner at Moeller Barbaree LLP

ADDRESS: 1175 Peachtree St. NE Suite 1850 Atlanta, Georgia 30361

PHONE: (404) 748-9122

WEBSITE: https://moellerbarbaree.com

Photo of Georgia Attorney Charleen Barnwell

Charleen Barnwell
Barrett & Farahany

ADDRESS: 1100 Peachtree St NE #500 Atlanta, Georgia 30309

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Leslie Bassett
Partner at Pridgen Bassett Law, LLC

ADDRESS: 138 Bulloch Avenue Roswell, Georgia 30075

PHONE: (404) 844-5884

Photo of Georgia Attorney Nina Maja Bergmar

Nina Maja Bergmar
Founding Member at Bergmar Law LLC

ADDRESS: 135 Auburn Avenue NE Suite 210 Atlanta, Georgia 30303

PHONE: (470) 239-2096

WEBSITE: https://www.bergmarlaw.com/

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Matthew Billips
Partner at Barrett & Farahany, LLP

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 530092 Atlanta, Georgia 30353 0092

PHONE: (470) 284-7265

WEBSITE: https://www.justiceatwork.com

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Laura Blake
Case Evaluation Attorney at Barrett and Farahany

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 530092 Atlanta, Georgia 30353

PHONE: (404) 214-0120

Photo of Georgia Attorney Mike Bothwell

Mike Bothwell
Owner/President at Bothwell Law Group, PC

ADDRESS: 304 Macy Drive Roswell, Georgia 30076

PHONE: (770) 643-1606

WEBSITE: https://whistleblowerlaw.com

Photo of Georgia Attorney Catherine Bowman

Catherine Bowman
Founder at The Bowman Law Office

ADDRESS: 7505 Waters Avenue Suite D-3 Savannah, Georgia 31406

PHONE: (912) 401-0121

WEBSITE: https://www.TheBowmanLawOffice.com

Photo of Georgia Attorney Julie Bracker

Julie Bracker
Partner at Bracker & Marcus LLC

ADDRESS: 3355 Lenox Rd. Suite 660 Atlanta, Georgia 30326

PHONE: (770) 988-5035

WEBSITE: https://www.fcacounsel.com/

Photo of Georgia Attorney Kristine Brown

Kristine Brown
Orr & Brown LLC

ADDRESS: 641 Spring Street Gainesville, Georgia 30319

PHONE: (404) 492-8686

WEBSITE: http://orrandbrown.com

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Kate Cantolina
Attorney at Barrett & Farahany

ADDRESS: PO BOX 530092 Atlanta, Georgia 30363

PHONE: (404) 487-0914

WEBSITE: https://justiceatwork.com

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Photo of Georgia Attorney Meredith Carter

Meredith Carter

ADDRESS: 2690 Cobb Parkway Suite A5-294 Smyrna, Georgia 30080

PHONE: (404) 618-3838

WEBSITE: https://www.mcarterlaw.com

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Jesse Centrella
Owner at Centrella Law Firm, LLC

ADDRESS: 1305 Barnard St #764 Savannah, Georgia 31401

PHONE: (888) 715-7255

WEBSITE: https://centrellalaw.com

Photo of Georgia Attorney Adam Conti

Adam Conti
Managing Partner at Adam J. Conti, LLC

ADDRESS: 1175 Peachtree Street, N.E. Suiter 760 Atlanta, Georgia 30361

PHONE: (404) 531-0701

WEBSITE: https://www.contilaw.com

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Douglas Dean
Partner at Dean Thaxton, LLC.

ADDRESS: 601 E. 14th Avenue (31015) P.O. Box 5005 Cordele, Georgia 31010

PHONE: (904) 214-4504

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Brad Dozier
Managing Principal at Dozier Law Group LLC

ADDRESS: 1050 Crown Pointe Pkwy, Suite 500 Atlanta, Georgia 30338

PHONE: (404) 949-5600

WEBSITE: https://dozierlawllc.com

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Howard Evans
Managing Partner at Howard R. Evans & Associates

ADDRESS: 1868 Independence Sq. Suite D Atlanta, Georgia 30338

PHONE: (770) 377-9521