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NELA Georgia is the Georgia Affiliate of the National Employment Lawyers Association, an organization comprised of attorneys who are committed to the representation and advancement of the rights of workers and who devote more than 50% of their employment related representation to employees.

To qualify as a member of NELA Georgia, you must devote more than 50% of your employment practice to representing employees, and you must pay the annual membership fee of $100.

Membership benefits include:

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I certify that more than 50% of my employment-related representation and at least 50% of my firm's employment-related representation is on behalf of employees. I further certify and understand that 1) all posts on the NELA Georgia Listserve and website constitute attorney work product information that may not be disclosed to counsel for employers / management or non-NELA members; 2) No information obtained from a post to the NELA Georgia Listserv or website may be used in litigation or otherwise for the purpose of, or in furtherance of the defense of, employers/management; and 3) I agree to abide by the NELA Georgia Listserve Code of Conduct.


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