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Photo of Georgia Attorney Joshua Millican

Joshua Millican
Law Office of Joshua A. Millican, P.C.

ADDRESS: 44 Broad Street NW, Suite 607 Atlanta, Georgia 30303

PHONE: (404) 522-1152


Photo of Georgia Attorney Teresa Saggese Mills

Teresa Saggese Mills
Attorney at Saggese Mills Law Firm

ADDRESS: 2484 Ingleside Ave., Ste. C103 Macon, Georgia 31204

PHONE: (478) 744-0740


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Beth Moeller
Partner at Moeller Barbaree LLP

ADDRESS: 1175 Peachtree St NE Ste 1850 Atlanta, Georgia 30361

PHONE: (404) 748-9122

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Roland Mumford
Attorney at Mumford Law

ADDRESS: 60 Exchange Street Suite C-3, No. 235 Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

PHONE: (912) 445-1454


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Gwyn Newsom
Owner at Gwyn Newsom Law, LLC

ADDRESS: PO Box 629 Columbus, Georgia 31902

PHONE: (706) 566-4317


Photo of Georgia Attorney Alessandra Palazzolo

Alessandra Palazzolo
Trial Attorney at U.S. Department of Labor

ADDRESS: 61 Forsyth Street SW Room 7T10 Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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Rakesh Parekh
Owner/Managing Partner at Parekh Law LLC

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 250654 Atlanta, Georgia 30325

PHONE: (404) 333-8529

Photo of Georgia Attorney Lee Parks

Lee Parks
Senior Partner at Parks, Chesin & Walbert, P.C.

ADDRESS: 75 Fourteenth Street Floor 26 Atlanta, Georgia 30309lp

PHONE: (404) 873-8000


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James Poindexter
Attorney at Law at Delegal & Poindexter, PA

ADDRESS: 424 East Monroe Street Jacksonville, Florida 32202

PHONE: (904) 633-5000


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Nancy Pridgen
Founding Member/Partner at Pridgen Bassett Law, LLC

ADDRESS: 138 Bulloch Ave. Roswell, Georgia 30075

PHONE: (404) 551-5884

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Oscar Prioleau
Partner at Prioleau & Milfort, LLC

ADDRESS: 3800 Camp Creek Parkway, Building 1600, Suite 116 Atlanta, Georgia 30331

PHONE: (404) 526-9400


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James Radford
Radford & Keebaugh

ADDRESS: 315 W. Ponce de Leon Ave Suite 1080 Decatur, Georgia 30030

PHONE: (678) 271-0302


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Patrick Reed
Attorney at Barrett & Farahany

ADDRESS: PO BOX 530092 Atlanta, Georgia 30364

PHONE: (404) 487-0915


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Photo of Georgia Attorney Ianna Richardson

Ianna Richardson
Attorney at Barrett & Farahany

ADDRESS: 3450 Blair Circle NE Unite 4106 Brookhaven, Georgia 30319

PHONE: (470) 704-8502

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V. Severin Roberts
Partner at Barrett & Farahany

ADDRESS: PO BOX 530092 Atlanta, Georgia 30353

PHONE: (404) 487-0904


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Latisha Roebuck
Attorney at Barrett & Farahany

ADDRESS: PO BOX 530092 Atlanta, Georgia 30357

PHONE: (404) 487-0908


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Benjamin Rollins
Attorney at Barrett & Farahany

ADDRESS: PO BOX 530092 Atlanta, Georgia 30365

PHONE: (404) 487-0916


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Michael Schoenfeld
Attorney at Stanford Fagan LLC

ADDRESS: 2540 Lakewood Ave SW Atlanta, Georgia 30315

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Justin Scott
Managing Shareholder at Scott Employment Law, P.C.

ADDRESS: 160 Clairemont Avenue Suite 610 Decatur, Georgia 30030

PHONE: (678) 780-4880


Photo of Georgia Attorney Paul Sharman

Paul Sharman
Owner at The Sharman Law Firm LLC

ADDRESS: 11175 Cicero Drive Suite 100 Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

PHONE: (678) 242-5297


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